Huge gift in more ways than one!

We really appreciate all of their generosity and work getting it to us.

St. Joseph parishioners Dave and Karen Snuffer presented SVdP a Coca-Cola cabinet given to them by Karen’s sister and brother-in-law, Ellen and Jeff Paul from Oldenburg.

Here’s the plan:  We will be providing Non-Perishable foods available to people in need Free.

We hope to provide things like peanut butter, saltine crackers, soups and other similar items.  When we provide cans of food, we will be utilizing easy-open cans. This cooler/cabinet does not work so we will never be providing perishable food items.  We know of many individuals that live in their cars, or call us late in the day that are hungry and we can now direct them to this cabinet for an emergency meal for them and their kiddies.  We will still be providing food vouchers from Kroger and Aldi for the need is still great.

Thanks to all of you donors that make things happen.

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